New Treasure Box Classes Starting

The last treasure box class was such a hit that we have added 2 classes to the calendar.  The class is 4 weeks and you will be given the materials at the first class.  You will then design and create a piece of jewelry using the materials we give you.  The class is tons of fun and we keep you guessing about what the materials will be until the start of the class.  Each class uses different materials so if you taken it before this class will be totally different!  Here are a couple of pictures of projects completed in the last treasure box class!

You can sign up for the class here:

Lots of Jewelry

Some of the great jewelry made at Harold Studio this week.

Wide silver band with texture and patina and narrow silver bands on top
Textured Silver Spinner Rings

Brass and copper pierced and sawed then riveted together with silver wire.
Riveted, pierced pendant in copper and brass.

Brass and copper textured heart with silver wire rivet
Copper and brass riveted, textured heart pendant.

Sterling silver with copper enamel discs cabochon set to make earrings.
Enameled silver earrings.

Harold Studio jewelry display table at the Grand Avenue Festival
Our table at the Grand Ave. Art Festival.

Harold Studio jewelry display table at the Grand Avenue Fall Festival
Lynn, Rebekah, and Valerie working our table.
Square silver wire formed into a circle and tube set
Silver tube set pendant.

Sterling silver balled and soldered to form a ring
Silver bubble ring.

Vintage buttons with silver wires
Vintage button earrings.

Rectangular silver ball ring
Silver ball ring.

sterling silver ring made with silver balls
Silver Ball ring.

brass wire with copper flowers, silver  and orange beads
Brass and copper necklace made in the treasure box class.

Sterling silver rings soldered with purple tube set stones
Silver tube set cuff.

Studio dog
Silly Cody!

Boxes formed with copper and beads riveted in boxes.
Copper box and bead settings.

Treasure Box

We debuted the treasure box class at Harold Studio this month.  It was a huge hit!  The students were given a list of ingredients that they would use to create their piece of jewelry.  They were able to eliminate one of the ingredients and to add one ingredient of their choice.  The class lasted three weeks and started off with each participant creating their design.  The class concluded this past Tuesday and none of the students finished their design so we decided to add an additional week to future treasure box classes.  The students in this first class will be given a few studio hours to complete their projects.  Here are some pictures from all the fun!  Stay tuned for another post about their finished projects and their comments about the class!

Supplies and rules for treasure box jewelry class at Harold Studio in Phoenix
Treasure Box supplies and rules!  The supplies will change with each class.  

Treasure box supplies include copper, silver, brass and beads
A visual look at the supplies.

Looking at a jewelry design book for inspiration to create her piece of jewelry for the treasure box class.
Louise is looking at a book for inspiration for her design.  I wonder what she will make!  

Student drawing her ideas for her jewelry design for the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia is drawing out her design!

Treasure box student has used her brass wire to form a necklace and her copper to do some fold forming
Lynn's supplies are taking shape!

Student designed this pendant using copper sheet, silver square wire, a red bead and brass wire for the treasure box jewelry class
Louise's pendant is coming along nicely!! I love the modern design! 

Student in the treasure box class at harold studio is using colorful beads along with domed silver sheet.
Lousie is getting creative with her beads and silver!  What is she going to do with these!

A copper cuff bracelet is being designed with beads, copper, and silver.
Ah!  Now we see what Louise is thinking!  This looks really cool!

Silver and copper are being joined together by soldering in the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia has been doing lots and lots and lots of soldering!  

Hollow beads made by soldering together brass, copper, and silver domed metal pieces
Another view of Patricia's soldering pieces.  She is laminating brass and copper and putting the domed beads together to form hollow beads!  Don't forget to put at least 2 holes in your piece if you plan to make a hollow piece so it doesn't explode from the pressure.

Hollow star bead made from copper in the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia also plans to put these two pieces together to form a bead.

Brass necklace with copper flowers being made at Harold Studio in the treasure box class
Lynn giving a sneak peek of the necklace she is working on.  
Pendant is made with copper that has been folded over and holds silver wire with orange beads.
Close up view of one of the flowers Lynn is making for her necklace.

How to make ear wires

Things you will need:

• Round wire .75-.85 mm thick or 21 gauge is pretty standard.

• Round nose pliers

• Chain nose pliers

• Bic pen

I like to make a ball at the end of my wires with a torch before, but this is not necessary.

Hope you enjoy!

Used tool Sale

SJ Jewelry Supply is having a tool sale tomorrow from 9am-3pm. If you're taking a class with us, don't forget- you have a class discount that applies!

used jewelry tools and equipment for sale

Wedding ring workshops

We can show you how to make your own wedding rings at Harold Studio. A few weeks ago, Megan and Iain came to the studio to make wedding rings for each other. They graciously agreed to have channel 12 film the workshop. Below is a link to their story and the video of how they did it!

Megan and Iain made each others wedding rings at a jewelry studio in Phoenix Arizona

Megan and Iain are making each others wedding bands at Harold Studio in Arizona

Thank you Megan and Iain for being so kind about letting the news film you! And a big thank you to the kind soul who tipped off the news for the story. I appreciate it very much.

Money clips and Labradorite

We are now offering Jewelry 1 in 2 halves! If you plan on being out of town a lot this summer and can't commit to a full 8 weeks of Jewelry 1 classes, you can now take it in two separate sessions! Check out Jewelry 1A, the first 4 weeks of Jewelry 1.

Some money clips and rings our lovely Michelle made that are being sold at Bunky Boutique.
Money clips and Mens Rings in time for fathers day

Michelle recently bought some green patina and was kind enough to let me use it on a money clip I made. I really love how it turned out!

Money clip with a heart cut out. Green patina

Vera has been having fun playing with different patinas as well. I just love what she did with her butterfly pendant!
Copper Butterfly with green patina and texture added to it
Heat and paint patina on a copper fold formed cuff
Copper Spinner ring with blue twisted wire spinners

Melanie made this gorgeous labradorite ring in Graduate Studio. I just love the shape of the stone. 
Labradorite silver ring with twisted silver wire around the bezel and shank
Silver and twisted wire labradorite ring

Lori did a great job finishing up her ball ring! She didn't think it would turn out until the very end, but was so happy she finished it!
Jewelry 1 project a silver bubble ring

I got to spend the day with lovely couple Megan and Iain as they made their wedding bands for each other. They live in Texas now, but had to do long distance for a while until they could be together. It was such a pleasure having them come all the way out from Texas to work on their rings at the studio!

Megan and Iain made wedding bands for each other at the studio