How to make ear wires

Things you will need:

• Round wire .75-.85 mm thick or 21 gauge is pretty standard.

• Round nose pliers

• Chain nose pliers

• Bic pen

I like to make a ball at the end of my wires with a torch before, but this is not necessary.

Hope you enjoy!

Used tool Sale

SJ Jewelry Supply is having a tool sale tomorrow from 9am-3pm. If you're taking a class with us, don't forget- you have a class discount that applies!

used jewelry tools and equipment for sale

Wedding ring workshops

We can show you how to make your own wedding rings at Harold Studio. A few weeks ago, Megan and Iain came to the studio to make wedding rings for each other. They graciously agreed to have channel 12 film the workshop. Below is a link to their story and the video of how they did it!

Megan and Iain made each others wedding rings at a jewelry studio in Phoenix Arizona

Megan and Iain are making each others wedding bands at Harold Studio in Arizona

Thank you Megan and Iain for being so kind about letting the news film you! And a big thank you to the kind soul who tipped off the news for the story. I appreciate it very much.

Money clips and Labradorite

We are now offering Jewelry 1 in 2 halves! If you plan on being out of town a lot this summer and can't commit to a full 8 weeks of Jewelry 1 classes, you can now take it in two separate sessions! Check out Jewelry 1A, the first 4 weeks of Jewelry 1.

Some money clips and rings our lovely Michelle made that are being sold at Bunky Boutique.
Money clips and Mens Rings in time for fathers day

Michelle recently bought some green patina and was kind enough to let me use it on a money clip I made. I really love how it turned out!

Money clip with a heart cut out. Green patina

Vera has been having fun playing with different patinas as well. I just love what she did with her butterfly pendant!
Copper Butterfly with green patina and texture added to it
Heat and paint patina on a copper fold formed cuff
Copper Spinner ring with blue twisted wire spinners

Melanie made this gorgeous labradorite ring in Graduate Studio. I just love the shape of the stone. 
Labradorite silver ring with twisted silver wire around the bezel and shank
Silver and twisted wire labradorite ring

Lori did a great job finishing up her ball ring! She didn't think it would turn out until the very end, but was so happy she finished it!
Jewelry 1 project a silver bubble ring

I got to spend the day with lovely couple Megan and Iain as they made their wedding bands for each other. They live in Texas now, but had to do long distance for a while until they could be together. It was such a pleasure having them come all the way out from Texas to work on their rings at the studio!

Megan and Iain made wedding bands for each other at the studio

It's heating up in Phoenix and Harold Studio!

We've been staying cool inside the studio with a lot of new jewelry pieces and tube setting this week!

A big thank you to Danielle and Rebekah for tagging the studio with the jewelry they made there!
P.S. We love getting updates of your jewelry making progress! Please send us any pictures you've taken or tag the studio when you post your jewelry online!

Denise made this ring in Jewelry 1. The color of the stone is perfect for silver!

Silver ring with twisted wire around a turquoise robin's egg blue stone

 I just had to try it on while taking a picture. Love how it looks on the hand!Turquoise ring in robins egg blue with twisted silver wire surrounding it and held in with serrated bezel wire

We had a group of ladies come in for Mothers Day and take our cabochon ring workshop. They were all first time jewelry makers and did a wonderful job completing their rings in just a couple of hours! The stones clockwise from top left are: Turquoise, Onyx, Malachite, Howlite and Jasper.
Silver cab rings made during a ladies day excursion.
Lorina did a stacking ring set using her newfound tube setting skills.Stacking rings with outside rings haing tube settings and inside ring a plain band with silver balls
Rebekah, Ruth and Marie made spinner rings. Rebekah and Marie embossed a key pattern you can see on the top left ring.Copper spinner rings with key embossing and silver spinners
Some more spinner ring action. These were made by Maria, Vera, Abby and Lori.
Silver spinner rings made at Harold Studio in Phoenix

Trina did a great job making this double sided tube set ring in Jewelry 2. 

Silver tube set ring with clear and blue faceted stones

Interested in taking a class at Harold Studio? We have some coming up!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! We hope you have a wonderful day, and know how valued you are!
The studio will be closed to celebrate Mother's day with our moms this Sunday. 

Tip of the week: To anneal wire, stick it in something like an Altoids tin and heat the tin up with a torch until it glows orange(make sure the tin has a couple of air holes in it!). This is especially useful when you have very fine wire and are afraid of melting it. •Special thank you to Victoria from ASU Metals program for the tip!

It has been a productive week here at the studio!We've been working hard on renovating the space and are excited for you to see it!

Below are some pieces made in Jewelry 1, 2, 3 and at the studio during open studio hours.

• Trina made these earrings and did her first ever tube setting in Jewelry 2. Love the champagne stones she picked out!

Tube set silver circle earrings with champaign czs set in them

• Karen made this bubble ring and banded agate earrings. She is taking Jewelry 1 and really taking off making pieces at home! Twisted wire around the stones is a great addition to add to your cabochon settings.
Silver ring made in Jewelry 1 with silver bubbles on top

Silver earrings with silver twisted wire around banded agate stones

• Andre made this copper cuff at the studio during a private lesson. He stamped it Romans 1:16 then added heat patina to it. 

Copper cuff stamped with Romans 1:16 verse and heat patina

•Vera made these clover shaped earrings during die forming in Jewelry 2 and enameled them lime green during Jewelry 3.
Die formed shamrock earrings enameled lime green

Some Like It Hot At Harold Studio

Howdy!  It has been a sizzling week at the studio and it is only getting hotter!

Temperatures are rising so come on into the air conditioned studio and make some super cool jewelry!  Remember though, we don't want to see your toesies so please make sure your feet are completely covered!  Throw an extra pair of tennis shoes in the car in case you forget to change your shoes before you leave the house.

Tip of the week:  To make twisted wire, take a long piece and fold in half.  Place the side with open ends in the vise. Take the folded end and something thin like a pencil. Thread thin tool through the 'u' of the wire. Pull and twist the wire at the same time(using the thin tool) until wire is twisted as tight as you would like it. Release open ends from the vise.

Here is a review of some of the jewelry made in the studio this week!

Red cabochon ring with twisted silver wire around it
Lovely twisted silver and Jasper cabochon ring made by Karen in Jewelry 1.

Silver dog tag with copper bone sweat soldered to it and the name Earnie stamped atop it
Lucky puppy!  Katie made this adorable dog tag for her pooch!

Top of fold formed copper cuff with texture and multi colored patina
Love this fold formed copper cuff with color patina made by Vera!

Chain mail bracelet work in progress
Melanie is working on this copper chain bracelet!  Can't wait to see the finished product.

Silver cabochon rings made during a Jewelry 1 class by
Dara did a great job with these cabochon rings!

Silver rings with cabochon stones set in Jewelry 1
Tuesday night's Jewelry 1 class did a super job with their cabochon rings.  Love these stones! 
Necklace pendant made with a bullet in open studio
What a creative pendant!  Laura made this awesome bullet necklace!

Earrings made with brass and silver with paw print stamps and soldered
Deb made these super cute brass and silver paw print earrings.  Cody says woof!

Earrings made with enamel set like a cabochon
Vera, Maria, and Lori made these fun enamel cabochon earrings in Jewelry 3.